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Below are just a few comments from our clients. This is absolutely representative of what you will experience with Winery Payment Solutions.

In these tough times, I need to save in every way possible. I’m totally satisfied.

Our account was switched over amazingly fast. WPS is our ‘goto’ processor.

Set-up was simple and Winery Payment Solutions really cares about my business.

Finding Winery Payment Solutions has been a great change for us!

I don’t have to worry about surprise rate increases any more.

I’m saving a ton of money, and the statements are so much easier to read.

The customer service is not only personal, but simply the best I have encountered.

    World Class Payment Solutions

    Here are just some of the money saving solutions that Winery Payment Solutions offers.

    One Account for Everything

    You don't need multiple accounts, statement and monthly fees for Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Stop paying additional monthly fees for statements when you can have a consolidated statement and one account for all your transactions. In addition you don't need a separate merchant account for E-Commerce, Retail sales and Mobile payments. All you need is one merchant account for all your sales channels and no additional fees.

    Online Terminal

    If you'd like to accept payments without a credit card machine to further reduce your costs and power your wine club, you can use our virtual terminal for all or some of your transactions. You can also connect a card reader and receipt printer to your PC and have credit card machine wherever you take your computer.

    Electronic Checks

    With our award winning check processing solutions you can scan a check and get paid fast. If you want to stop going to the bank every day to deposit checks, or you want to make sure a check is good before the customer leaves, our e-check solution is right for you.

    Gift Cards

    Offer your customers the option to buy and pay with gift cards. With every merchant account, you get the first 50 standard gift cards for FREE.

    Low Cost Credit Card Machines

    With any merchant account we offer credit card machines to meet your needs at the lowest prices possible. Don't fall for a free terminal, there will be fees charged later to make up for the "giveaway".

    Already with another provider?

    We'll pay your termination fee if you move your account.

    That's right, if you're staying with your current provider just because they'll charge you a fee to leave, and you're processing more than $10,000 in credit card transactions per month, Winery Payment Solutions will reimburse you up to $150 if you move to us. Subject to account approval, call for details.

Call Winery Payment Solutions, Inc. at 800-993-6300.

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I’m saving a ton of money, and the statements are so much easier to read.
Denese V., Agoura Feed
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